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    AEMATUR, is your training center in Marbella. Since 2001, With more than 10 years experience in the Industry, we continue to provide private quality training, which ensures the achievemets of their targets for all our students.

    Our own success has led us to believe that in a modern teaching environment we needed to upgrade our systems and company logo without compromising our quality and past successes.

    In cooperation with our partner companies we have updated our program to conform with the latest government regulation and the industries best practice guide lines.  This has enabled Aematur to gain the necessary accreditations from the government regulators as well as the I.A.D. (Andalusia Institute of Sport) the regional governing body governing the teaching and training for health qualification. Which will lead to Certification and professional competence in private health care. 

    Aematur training packages specializes in the following studies;

    Aeronautical studies, Tourism, Health, and Professional Trainning Courses.

    We provide unique independent training, which brings new concepts to all our courses, as well as providing full career guidance to our student.

    With A.E.S.A ( Spanish Aviation Safety Authority) credititation for the Aviation Safety Agency approved by the Ministry of Development, which regulate the teaching and training within the Aeronautics industry, we provide the best possible training course and qualification. 

    With our partners in the tourism sector (Hotel chains, Travel market) we have selected and developed courses, which will be accepted throughout the service sector.

    Since 2001 we have provided high quality qualified personnel for the service industry, filling the demands of the labour market.

    Aematur instructors currently work through out the industry both in the public and private sector. We continue to provide training and with certification to lead on to degree level, ensuring our student will have the edge when it comes to the best jobs and best career prospects. Our knowledge and respect within the industry gives our students the best possible advantage within the job market and makes us one of the countries leading providers of trained personnel. Our courses, weather in house, on line (virtually) or as a correspondence course. Our staff will ensure that we provide support, which will enable our students to reach their highest potential and give them the greatest opportunity in a difficult job market. Access to the exclusive ADV (active Job Search) as well as EURES the European job mobility portal, Aemature ensures that our students get a head start and best possible prospect to that elusive career opportunity.      –

    If you need the best possible training within the minimum time scale we can help you. Come to our training centre or call us and we will be pleased to discuss the course(s) that is/are best tailored to your needs.

    AEMATUR, your future is our business.


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